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The POM project adopts the international leading technology and stable POM production process. Most of the key advanced equipments are introduced from abroad with the advantages of high-tech, high safety performance, high stability. Depending on the strength of process and equipments, the POM project obtained 4 national patents for utility models and 1 patent for an invention. The POM products with the features of stability, good comprehensive performance and stainability, are widely used in electronic products, machinery, instruments, daily light industry, automobile, building materials, agriculture, medical technology, sports equipments, etc.

The annual production capacity is 40,000 t/a, and having modified POM equipments of 1000 t/a. The copolyoxymethylene of Zhonghao Company can supply 4 general grades products, K90、K130、K270、K520, and many special grades products, such as high strength K30, weather-proof, anti-impact, which can meet different needs.



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