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The formula of cyclohexanol is C6H2O, molecular weight is 100.16.

Cyclohexanol is mainly used for producing cyclohexanone(further step is producing caprolactam) and adipic acid, also be used to produce plasticizer(such as phthalic acid cyclohexyl ), surfatent and industrial solvent, etc. It is used to produce adipic acid, plasticizer, detergent, solvent and emulgator. 

Safety, storage and transportation: cyclohexanol should be stored in ventilated, cool, and dry house. Avoid direct sunshine, and keep far away from fire and heat source, separately store with oxidant and acids. In transportation, be careful of leakage-proof, fire prevention, dampproof. When you load and unload, be care of it to avoid damage of packaging and container.

Packaging: clean and dry tank car or barrel.

Cyclohexanol Quality Index

   Item   unit    index
   External Appearance   -   colorless and transparent
   Content   %wt   ≥99.5, dryness
   Ahroma   (platinum-cobalt color)   ≤10
   Heavy constituent   %wt   ≤0.2
   Light constituent   %wt   ≤0.3
   Evaporities   %wt   ≤0.3
   Water Content   %wt   ≤0.05


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