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The formula of cyclohexane is C6H12, molecular weight is 84.156. It can be used for solvent of rubber, coating and vamish, diluents of adhesive, extracting agent of grease. It is a common substitute of benzene used for scavenger agent of grease, lubricating grease and paint. In addition, it is used for photoresist solvent, oil extraction and cleaning degreaser.

Safety, storage and transportation: cyclohexane is flammable, low- flash fluid, prone to cause explosion when meet fire, high heat and has strong reaction with oxidant. It has pungent smell and danger of burn, causing poisoning when touch skin, inhale steam and dust. Cyclohexane should be stored in ventilated, cool, and dry house(the temperature is less than 30℃). Avoid direct sunshine, and keep far away from fire and heat source, keep container closed, and separately store with oxidant. In transportation, be careful of strong strike, prevent damage of welded junction of barrel, meanwhile, preparing with cover, and be careful of rain-proof and sunshine.

CyclohexaneQuality Index(SH/T 1673-1999)




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