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Acetal Copolymer (POM) is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent performance.  POM fiber is a kind of composite reinforcing fiber material, almost completely inherited all the excellent characteristics of POM resin: (1) high strength—the strength of POM fiber is 2 to 3 times higher than the nylon fibers and polyester fibers ; (2) excellent friction and abrasion resistance performance—dynamic coefficient of friction  is less than 0.25, static coefficient of friction is less than 0.3; (3) tensile recovery performance is very good; (4) good durability; (5)  excellent chemical resistance.

 With the advantages of strong creep resistance, low moisture absorption, good weather resistance and good insulating properties, POM fiber has a broad application prospect in construction materials, fiber rope (mainly used to replace steel wire rope), geotextile, cord fabric, brushes, marine fishery, marine wind power, outdoor products, flood control sandbag materials and so on.

At present,  POM fiber product can be customized for customer demand for exclusive grades, its wire density monofilament can be as low as 2 denier, the diameter  can be as small as 15 microns, the strength of the high can be up to more than 1GPa, the specific gravity is only 1.4. that realizes the industrial application in micron-level fibers .



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